Registration and Essential Information

Registration & Ride Information:


We organise our rides via our Facebook "rides on Bromptons" group. 

We need to know if you are coming on a ride or not, so please register your place marking yourself as "going" in the event.

The Basics:

 Please check your bike over before the ride: 

  • It is a good idea to deflate your tires & carefully pinch your way around them, picking out any embedded pieces of flint/glass as you go. 10mins spent doing this at home before the ride could save 30+ riders needing to wait around whilst you fix your puncture on a group ride. 
  • Pump your tyres up (we strongly recommend a track pump so you can get them nice & firm), check them for any stones/glass that could cause you an unwanted p******e on the ride. If your tyres are not fully inflated your chance of getting a puncture increases, and your efficiency is reduced.
  • Lubricate your chain.
  • Check your brakes.
  • Arrive in good time to allow the ride to start on time.

What should I bring:

  • Please bring a spare inner tube or 2, & a simple toolset. There will be others to help on the rides if you are unsure about Bike mechanics/punctures, but in the event of a serious bike problem occurring we cannot guarantee getting you roadworthy enough to complete a ride.  
  • A few snackbars & a drink - on most rides we will stop for refreshments along the way so obviously bring some cash too if you want to buy things! 
  • Don't forget your pump or CO2 chuck & cartridges.
  • Pack some bike lights & make sure your batteries are fully charged - especially important for longer rides & autumn/winter rides.
  • It is sensible to carry £10-£20 in cash in case we end up somewhere & their card payment system is offline for any reason.
  • Don't forget your Oyster card and/or Train Ticket!

What should I wear?
We’re happy for you to wear whatever you want. Some of riders wear leggings and skirts, others wear lots of lycra.

Apart from in the middle of summer, it is always best to be prepared for a couple of "seasons" on rides - think a few layers rather than a big heavy fleece or a puffy jacket.

However, some clothes are more comfortable for cycling. We’d recommend bringing a waterproof jacket, and in colder weather, warm gloves and additional warm layers that can be removed or added as needed.

Really baggy trousers and long skirts can get caught in chains and the seams of jeans can be very uncomfortable on longer rides.

What do ride leaders do?

All our rides are led by a Ride Leader. They are not always qualified mechanics, first aiders, or cycle trainers but will happily assist individuals, to their best of their ability as skilled and enthusiastic cyclists.

Ride leaders are responsible for:

  • Planning the route
  • Providing ride information in advance of the ride (including train times and access to attractions if applicable)
  • Directions during the ride
  • Ensuring refreshment and toilet stops are available
Our ride leaders are often supported by at least one marshall who supports the leader and helps keep the group together. You’ll often find a "Tail End Charlie" at the back of the group, making sure no one gets left behind.
We always try to keep the group together and usually ride at the pace of the slowest rider. However, sometimes this isn’t possible and the ride leader may decide that it’s necessary for someone to leave the ride. This is a very rare occurrence and when it is necessary the ride leader will assist them, as far as is reasonable, to get home safely e.g. getting them to a train station or calling a taxi. 

Individual riders are responsible for:

  • Checking the information given for the ride, so that you can judge that you are capable of completing the ride
  • Informing the ride leader if you have any medical conditions that are important for the ride leader to know about
  • The road-worthiness of your bike
  • Your personal safety on the road
  • Complying with the highway code
  • Carrying enough refreshments
  • The safety of any children with you
  • Listening to, and following, ride leader and marshall instructions.
  • Informing the ride leader if you wish to leave the ride (so we don’t end up looking for you)
  • Any loss or damage caused (e.g. scratching the paint on a parked car*) 

 *We strongly recommend all cyclists have some sort of third party insurance cover.  We’d recommend the London Cycling Campaign as the best organisation for leisure and utility riders in London.