Registration and Essential Information

So, you're thinking about coming on our rides....


We need to know if you are coming on a ride or not, so please register your place by emailing stating which ride you are registering for. If you are in the facebook group you can also register for rides in the Events section.

The Basics:

Please check your bike over before the ride & ensure that you: 
  • Pump your tyres up, check them for any stones/glass that could cause you an unwanted p******e on the ride. If your tyres are not fully inflated your chance of getting a puncture increases, and your efficiency is reduced.
  • Lubricate your chain.
  • Check your brakes.
  • Arrive in good time to allow the ride to start on time.
What to bring:
  • Please bring a spare inner tube or 2, & a simple toolset. There will be others to help on the rides if you are unsure about Bike mechanics/punctures, but in the event of a serious bike problem occurring we cannot guarantee getting you roadworthy enough to complete a ride.  
  • A few snackbars & a drink - we will stop for refreshments along the way so obviously bring some cash too if you want to buy things! 
  • Don't forget your pump or CO2 chuck & cartridges (we are quite big fans of these).
  • Clothes suitable for the season - think a few layers rather than a big heavy fleece.
  • Pack some bike lights & make sure your batteries are fully charged - especially important for longer rides & autumn/winter rides.
Getting Home: 
  • Don't forget your Oyster card and/or Train Ticket!